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Are you in the KNOW?

Now really, are you in the KNOW? The KNOW Tribe + Book started in 2017 in Phoenix, Arizona to shine the light on the hard-working women in their community. Sarah Benken, the founder, and visionary of the KNOW knew women in the community that making a difference, so why not give them the recognition they deserve? That’s powerful stuff right there. Women supporting women is the key to success in my opinion. Now published in 10+ cities, the KNOW Book is rapidly growing by the minute. I just can’t rave enough about this establishment!

Now you’re probably wondering why I keep talking about the KNOW and why it matters to us here at Shay Brown Events. Well, first of all, our amazing, talented, boss-lady Shay Brown, is featured in it! We’re extremely proud and can’t stop bragging about her. Being a part of an all-female company, we love seeing a feature of all women leaders and creators of businesses right here in the Asheville community. This is the first volume of the KNOW here in Asheville, but we’re extremely eager to see the next.

Shay Brown Events put together the Launch Party at the Asheville Masonic Temple with the help of many vendors, most of them featured in the book! Take a look a this beautiful, empowering event and get inspired yourself. 

Special Thanks to:

Cultivated Cocktails

Aux Bar Catering

Sanctuary Brewing Company

Star Gazers Design

Rustic Grape


~ Photos by Hope Apolinar Photography

Photos by Indulge Images

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