Amy Wood

Amy Wood

Wedding Coordinator and Event Manager

One of my earliest memories is promising my sister we would sew each others' wedding dresses. I always loved weddings.

I was born in my grandma’s house, the third of ten children. I grew up in Southern California, but my granna is a “First Family of Virginia” and showered me with a love of her native land. When I walked into the Norfolk Botanical Gardens, my heart exclaimed “home heaven.” In my late twenties I made my way back to the South. I still carry a little So Cal beach life in me, but I know where I belong.

Along the way I worked in non-profit event planning, loan consulting, and wilderness counseling. It was my love of pretty things that brought me back to weddings. As a wedding planner I get to bring into creation your dream. Best of all, I get to support the prettiest thing of all, love.

Shockingly my sister chose to have her wedding dress made by a professional. That’s alright; I’ve gotten to sew together an abundance of weddings. I am blessed for sure. Thanks for letting me serve such a noble purpose.